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Class of 1959 Coordinator: OPEN
Last update: May 12, 2013


Class of 1959


Barbara Arlt John Bartholomew

                       Linda Batulis

Forrest Bannan Monique Berube Michael Bonnar
John Bowermaster Michael Brush Margaret Bunny
Barbara Burnett Kathleen Cahill Gloria Carlucci
Janice Churchill Marilyn Cooley Janed Crane
Charlene Cummings Doris Curves James Dallmeier
Mary Davis Lawrence Defibaugh Michael Duffy
Carol Frascella Kent Freiburghouse Cecelia Garfield
Rene Gascow Michael Gerth Mariyln Gessig
Lawrence Golda Ramona Gribben Paula Gunther
Susan Hawkins Michael Heckman Diane Hedgecock
Gretchen Heidecker Eloise Hoetker Lynne Holtz
Michele Humphreys Thomas Hynes Ron Jacobs
Georgia Kropach Josephine Marino Richard Marshall
Barbara Maynard John Mills (RIP) Phil Mizeur
Gary Morton Frances Muravez Timothy O'Bar
Kathryn O'Donnell Annette Pagnotta Doyle Patterson
Mike Pettit Dave Rausch Bruce Root
Dennis Rose Mary Frances Rose David Rudderow (RIP Apr 2013)
Michael Schneider (RIP) Ann Schroeder Al Sharpe
Mary Lou Simcoe Paula Simon Sandra Squires
Judith Truelove Janet Varven Wylie Vracin
Terry Waier Maryanne Wells Pat Whalen
Nancy Wyman . .


May Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary   Class of 1959 Boys

                           May Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary                                                                        Class of 1959 Boys
(Left to right) Monique Berube, Mary Frances Rose, Margaret Ann Bunny


Tuesday, June 28, 1979


Dear Diary,


     Yesterday all of the members of the Class of '59 attended a reunion at the famous Statler Hotel in the heart of New York.  It was organized by our congenial Host Reef Handson, better known to his class as John Bowermaster and his lovely petite wife Monique Berube Bowermaster.

     Our hostess was lovely dressed in a beautiful chiffon dress.  She greeted each guest in her usual cordial manner. The first to arrive was Linda Batulis, who was home on a short furlough.  She looked extremely neat in her W.A.C. uniform.  James Dallmeier showed us how to draw some of his famous cartoons.  Mr. and Mrs. Pat Whalen (nee Judy Truelove) told everyone of their five (5) children.  Dr. Barbara Arlt, D.D.S. told of the lovely plaster casts of teeth she had in her possession.  Some casts belong to a few of the personalities scheduled to make appearances at the reunion.  Sandra Squires, the distinguished Mayoress of Squaresville, and Kathy Cahill, a member of the City Council, worked very hard to reform the city of Squaresville into an up and coming Community.  Marilyn Cooley looking as charming as ever told of her many interesting experiences as a Social Service worker and directress in the City of Philadelphia.

     Gliding in very gracefully was Margaret Ann Bunny, who has made quite a name for herself in the Ice Capades Show which travels all over the United States and Europe.  Miss Marilyn Gessig and her roommate Michele Humphreys were only able to stay for a short while as they had to catch a plane for Paris.  They spoke of the many classmates who would soon arrive as they had met many of them the night before on their flight to New York.  They are both Stewardesses for T.W.A.  The "Missing Links," better known as Dennis Rose and David Rudderow the famous singing team, entertained the guests at the reunion.  The Reverend Father Michael Brush, a Salesian Priest, gave an interesting talk on the life of a Salesian.  "To the Graduate"Larry Defibaugh, Manager of the New York Central, provided many of the guests with free passes so they could attend the reunion.  Mr. Michael Bonner was summoned to the hospital in the middle of the celebration to perform some tree surgery as his profession is that of a tree surgeon.  Janed Crane, top reporter for the New York Chronicle, gave a full account of the reunion in this morning's paper.  Paula Simon operates a Florist Shop in Dallas, Texas and she had corsages sent air express to don the lovely gowns of all of her classmates plus boutonnières for the gentlemen.  Alfred Sharpe, the world renowned Chef, catered the beautiful affair.  He outdid himself with all the gorgeous decorations and wonderful food.  His motto is, "If you're ever in a jam, here I am."  Georgia Kropach, the famous Authoress, brought her most interesting book titled Pole 400.  Terry Waier told of his exciting experiences as the Warden at San Quentin.  Mike Schneider, the F.B.I. sleuth, was sticking his magnifying glass into every crack he could find.  Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O'Bar (formerly Barbara Maynard) boasted of their fine family of ten children.

     The room was suddenly quiet as Miss Nancy Wyman, the famous Concert Pianist, was finally coaxed to play some of her many selections she was noted for.  After a while Frances Muravez, the famous dress designer, showed her collection of the fine dresses to the guests.  The one that stole the show was the burlap sack modeled by none other that Cecelia Garfield the well known High Fashion model.

     Dr. Mary Rose, the renowned Veterinarian, showed us some of the new techniques of brain surgery performed on animals.  Sue Hoetker came dressed in her nurse's uniform as she had to report for duty within the hour.  Dr. John Mills, Psychiatrist, told us of his experience analyzing Phil Mizeur.  Seems his problem is that of being a surf bum.  Sports fans will recall Rene Gascow as his voice is well recognized over many radio and television sportscasts.  Mr. Thomas Hynes gave us a inspiring summary of his latest scientific achievements.